master bathroom concept

Master bathroom redo

We suspected our master bathroom was leaking from somewhere behind the walls and needed an upgrade. It is as tiny as it can be, but unfortunatelly we couldn’t make it bigger, so we made the most out of it. We desided that we should do it along with the master bedroom, as we needed plumbing […]

transferring photo on wood

Photo transferring on wood – which approach is best for what?

I am not going to add a tutorial for transferring photos on wood. There are plenty of those throughout the net. Instead I will describe the little hacks I discovered while doing photo prints on my own. Oh, and my printer is photo sublimation printer, but I suppose the following will be valid for ink-jet […]

relax room green concept

City balcony relax room concept

Friends of ours live in an apartment in the city. They asked me to design а concept for their balcony, as they wanted a relax room somewhere in the space. It had to be a place to smoke hookah and to relax from the everyday hustle. I asked them to send me pictures of the […]

First big DIY project – backyard gazebo

Our first big DIY project – the gazebo. It all started from wanting some shade in the back yard. After a lot of internet digging of how-to’s, we finally decided on the design – as simple as possible, as we were doing it ourselves 🙂 . I made a design view for the final project: […]

pellet fireplace

Pellets burning stove

Previous setting Our house was designed with a fireplace heating system. It heats a water container and a pump moves the heated water through the radiators. The fireplace was a normal wood burning one. Though an inexpensive and efficient way, this was not the ideal one. We needed tons of wood – 10 to 15 […]

Starry night photo shoot – shooting the milky way

We always like to shoot a clear starry night. I know everyone shoots starts and it is somewhat blunt. The same saying goes for shooting sunsets, but we like it. There is something magical, beyond this world, when looking at the milky way along with all the stars there are in the sky. Anyhow, one […]

Master bedroom concept

Master bedroom redo with a hot tub

After the result in the living room we gained some confidence and I started planning the next steps for the complete makeover of the house 🙂 . Next in line was the master bedroom. The room, again, was in deplorable state. The drapes were actually from suiting and the walls were yellow (they were supposed […]

Living room concept

Living room redo

Here is a fact about us – we need to automate every chore there is and when everything in the room is white (or, at least, it is supposed to be white) it requires a lot of constant maintenance, which is not fun. Also, the living room was a wreck – the walls were yellow […]