Outdoor BBQ bar – part 1

After the successful build of the gazebo, we decided that we need a BBQ in the back-yard. So I started planning where to put it. Finally, we decided that it will be on the opposite side of the gazebo. That way the smoke of the BBQ won’t go into the people sitting in the gazebo and the heat from the BBQ won’t bother anyone, as well.

The structure is the same as the one for the gazebo. This time it is bigger, and the shape is a square. We finally decided that it will be 4.5 x 4.5 meters, with the eaves reaching to 5 x 5 meters.
The posts are now 16 by 16 cm, instead of the 14 x 14 on the gazebo and are 8 – 2 meters apart of each other. The height of the posts is again 2 meters.
This is the ruff plan for the BBQ construction. I didn’t make detailed one this time, as we knew how we will construct it.

bbg concept

First we poured the concrete. We dug the hole – around 20 cm deep, we put the rebar and called the concrete company. Oooh, what a struggle this was. We gathered all the neighbors we could find and waited for the concrete truck to come. Then, the driver just poured all the concrete in the hole and left. We stared at the mountain of concrete and couldn’t believe it, but we had to move quick as we didn’t want mountain in our yard, we wanted a BBQ. So all of us started moving away the excess concrete and straighten it out. By the end of the day we manage to make it look good.
Big thank you to all the neighbors! Without them we couldn’t have done it.

The build started after the concrete cured but before that we put brackets for the posts.
This time I didn’t participate in the build as I was busy with the kitchen construction and painting the yard walls, so Danny did it all by himself, with occasional consulting with me and a big help with the posts, again, from our neighbors from “Rest at home & garden” page.

He started with adding a rod next to the brackets to serve as supporting backbone of the posts.

brackets for posts

He then chiseled out the slots for the brackets on the posts.

bbg posts

Then, he drilled a hole in the lumber for the rod.

first post

And the first post was erected. Soon after that the next were up too.

bbq posts

Next was the perpendicular logs to form the walls. They were too 16 by 16 cm, each – 5-meter long. This time, Danny decided to use mortise-and-tenon joints instead of metal brackets and screws. So, he first made the tenons on all braces.

all braces with tenons

Then lifted the horizontal log on top of the posts, measured where the mortises should go, put the log down and cut them out with the hand-router. Then, he dry-fitted, cut holes though the joint for wood dowels, for additional strength, and then assembled and glued everything.


He finished everything with long screws between the horizontal and vertical logs. All that made the whole structure extremely robust. He then repeated this for all other logs and the base frame was done.

finished bbq walls

Next was the roof. For the king post, he cut octagonal pieces of wood. He assembled them through 2 metal rods and glued them together mismatching the grain.

king post

He screwed that onto a post and erected it on the needed height at the center of the frame.

king post

Then were the rafters. After all rafters were up it looked beautiful.

bbg wood frame

While calculating the length of the rafters, and how much timber we will need, we found a website that was extremely helpful . You just select the type and add the dimensions of your building and it calculates your roof. We used it for the gazebo, too. It is a very helpful website and it has imperial as well as metric calculators.

After that were the roof deck, the insulation, the ventilation strips and the roof tiles.

venitlation strips

roofing tiles

finished bbq

And that was it. Before the winter came, Danny made additional support for the roof, and wired some lights along the yard wall and it was time for the Christmas lights…

bbq roof

bbq with christmas lights

Next for this is sealing it with varnish, making a bar inside and assembling the BBQ and we will be ready for plenty of nice summer dinners outside.