Master bathroom redo

We suspected our master bathroom was leaking from somewhere behind the walls and needed an upgrade. It is as tiny as it can be, but unfortunatelly we couldn’t make it bigger, so we made the most out of it. We desided that we should do it along with the master bedroom, as we needed plumbing for the hot tub anyway. Here is the design for the new master bathroom.

master bathroom concept

The countertop we made ourselves – we bought 1 big board 10×10 cm, cut it to size and glued the pieces together. For more strength we added threaded rods underneath.

master bathroom countertop

I added 2 coats of impregnation, 2 coats of varnish and 1 coat of yacht varnish. I think that much of products will keep the wood from rotting.

master bathroom varnished

And this is the final result:

master bathroom done

P.S.: The living room, the master bedroom and master bathroom were our first projects. Around that time, we decided to make a site to share designs, little side projects and ideas we have. That is why for those first projects we do not have so much photos for the different states. At that time, we just wanted the place to be livable again. We are sorry that we don’t have the log for the before-s, during-s and after-s. With the next projects we try to change that.