Long awaited kitchen redo

Well, next in line was the rest of the hallway, but when an opportunity for the kitchen came in, we grabbed it. We were in desperate need of a new kitchen. The old one was a temporary, eight years in, sollution and it was already falling appart. Not to mention that it didn’t have any room for anything.

old kitchen

The hallway project was suspended and I started drawing and designing.

I didn’t want any of the premade kitchens, so I started planning carefully everything from the tiles on the floor, to the nobs on the cabinet doors.

I saw a gorgeous design color, and I wanted it to be for our kitchen.

cabinets color

The start was simple – what can I fit in the space?

kitchen sketch

After I figured that out, I moved to designing. And this was the dream.

kitchen design

One tip, If you draw yourself the dimensions of your kitchen, and want to figure out what can fit and what can’t. The easiest way is to draw the walls on one piece of paper. Then, put parchment paper on top to draw the cabinets. If you are not satisfied on the first try, take another piece of parchment paper to try again, but the walls will be intact.

The design was done and we called a neighbor of ours, who happens to be a kitchen maker and we purchased the fabrication of the cabinets from him. What was left to do, was to gut the old kitchen.

demo day

Then, Danny added the wiring for lights and the sockets and I started re-plastering the walls and laying the floor tiles.

clean up

I didn’t want to spend time, and deal with the dust, removing the old tiles, so I decided to lay the new ones over the old.

I spent a lot of time researching the matter and found out that there is no problem with that approach only if the old tiles are laid without cavities and I add special primer and use flexible thinset designed for that purpose. Reasured that this will work, I started laying the tiles.

kitchen tiles

The prep work was done and we waited for the kitchen cabinets. Finally, we had our kitchen built and our neighbor came to assemble it.

assembly day

He did a good and clean work and all that was left to do was the backsplash and the lighting. I, again, laid the tiles for the backsplash and Danny finished the sockets and the lighting. And this is it.

rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen

I love how the kitchen came out after all this work. Most importantly – now we have lots of space for all the kitchen stuff that was on the counter before.