Jack Daniel’s chandelier

While doing the hallway, we decided that the lighting fixtures should be a little funky. The idea was to use empty Jack Daniel’s bottles. So, I decided to make two chandeliers on the first floor and industrial lamps along the walls of the staircase and the second floor.

First, I cut the bottoms of the bottles with a dremel tool and a diamond wheel. I tried several approaches for that, but the dremel worked the best. See here for more details on glass bottles cutting.

Then, I drilled the dispenser to remove it.

drilling the dispenser

This is the freed opening.

Drilled dispenser

After that, we bought garden lamp to use as the pendant base, I removed the glass part and all unnecessary parts.

garden lamp

garden lamp

We then bought old looking reels and I dry fitted everything.

dry fit

To hide the wire connection between the Jack Daniels’s bottles and the ceiling I came up with egg like setting from lamp sockets.


capped sockets

And again – dry fitting it:

dry fitting of Jack Daniel's chandelier

chandelier base

Danny then wired everything.

Wired socket

And this is the finishied Jack Daniel’s chandelier with the excess wire.

Of course, my measurements were incorrect. The chandelier is too long and the door to the living room will constantly hit it.

I should cut around 7 to 10cm from the roped wires, or get rid of my egg-like-luster-terminal hideout.

glowing Jack Daniel's bottles

At least it glows…