House cleaning the lazy way

Ok, we are lazy, or as one colleague of mine once said we are over-occupied 😉 . Never the less, we need to clean the house and do chores. No one wants to do it so we came up with a solution-slash-compromise.
We automated what could be automated.

The setting

roomba, neato, hand vacume

We have 3 cleaning robots – one Roomba, one Neato and one Scooba. Of course, also the washing and drying machines, the dishwasher and even the fireplace is automatic.
So what does a cleaning day look like in our house? Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t make Danny clean even the little stuff and I cannot clean the entire house, plan everything in the household, go to work and plan the vacations. To be fare he cooks 4 out of 7 days, does groceries and the seasonal work – cuts the grass in the summer and goes and buys pallets refill in the winter. That is why the weekly cleaning has to eat-up just a little of my time.

The routine

On Sundays, in the morning, while waiting for my coffee (the coffee machine is automatic, also), I fill the dishwasher and start it.

Later in the morning, I clean the big fur balls from the corners and, if any, spider-webs from the ceiling with a little hand vacuum cleaner for around 10-15 minutes.

Then, I start the Neato downstairs and the Roomba upstairs. After that, I fill up the washing machine and start it. I do whatever I like while the cleaning cycles finish (around hour, hour and a half) and move the clothes to the dryer when needed.

When The Roomba finishes upstairs I start the scooba to mop the floor. It doesn’t do a great job, but at least cleans the dust from where we sleep. Downstairs, as it is bigger floor plan, I do the mopping sometime during the day.

Some thoughts

And that’s it! I do not sweep the dust from the furniture (except when we have guests) or clean the windows every week. And I clean the bathrooms when it is really needed. I don’t want perfectly clean house, just for normal living conditions. Don’t have time for more and I do not want more.

After all, we have 4 cats and a dog. If I want my house to be sparkling clean I have to do just that. During all days in the week and that’s not going to happen. This routine takes at most an hour from my Sunday. The other time the robots/machines do the work and I even don’t need to be around. The house is clean enough and everyone is happy.