Hallway and staircase redo – part 1

We had a big water stain on one of the walls on the staircase. The plaster pealed all the way to concrete and it was kind of an ugly sight. We found the reason for that – the master bathroom leakage in addition to moved tiles on the roof. We fixed both issues and finally had to repair the staircase and the hallway. Here is how it looked then.

hallway before

staircase before

Of course, we started again with planning. As the space is dark and dingy we considered to put a window on the staircase wall, but then gave up on that idea as it was way too much work. So we agreed on this design.

staircase design

hallway design

We then started demoing the old tiles. Couple of friend came over to help and we removed everything for just one day. And by ‘we’, I mean we the girls. The guys went out shopping for cars :).

demo day

Next, we changed the front door and I put plaster on the damaged walls.

After that, I laid the paint. It was frustrating as the old paint was pealing in the moment I put the roller on it. I still cannot explain why that happened.
I was painting by the book – clean the walls from dust, lay one hand of primer and then goes the paint. Still, big chunks of old paint peeled off.
Therefore, I had to re-plaster some of the walls again. Finally, the walls were painted. Danny then put stones on the tall wall.

staircase stone wall

To do that he put a scaffolding to reach the top of the wall.

staircase scaffolding

finished stone wall

Then, I put white paint on the doors upstairs to lighten up the space a little bit.

hallway doors

After that, I started laying the new tiles.

hallway for now

Rule of thumb, before mixing the tile glue cut and dry lay at least two rolls in advance, better yet the whole space. That way, it will be quicker and easier to do the actual tile laying. Anyhow, the process itself is fast, but constantly other things come up and the hallway is still unfinished and it is still a work in progress.

I am happy with the results thus far. I will come back when we have a more finished look.