First big DIY project – backyard gazebo

Our first big DIY project – the gazebo. It all started from wanting some shade in the back yard.
After a lot of internet digging of how-to’s, we finally decided on the design – as simple as possible, as we were doing it ourselves 🙂 . I made a design view for the final project:

Gazebo concept

Gazebo concept

Aaaaand started planning where to put the gazebo. After we chose the spot we dug a big hexagon hole – around 30cm deep.:

gazebo hole

gazebo hole

gazebo hole

We poured the concrete and waited for it to set. It was 10 more cm above the ground so that it wouldn’t be in puddles.

gazebo concrete

We then erected 6 posts – 2 meter long each, 14 by 14 cm:

gazebo posts

Then secured them with perpendicular sides – 1.5 m long – 10 by 10 cm and another ones at a lower point to form the sides.


As it was raining a lot, we made sure that the lumber be impregnated and with at least one coat of varnish on before the next rainy days.

gazebo sides

Then we started the roof.
We decided that it must be with real ceramic tiles and so it had to be strong enough to support the weight. We made six equilateral triangles with 2 m long 10 by 10 cm logs. And a central piece connecting all the rafters.

gazebo rafters

gazebo rafters central piece

Then we added some more support and added the roofing.

gazebo rafter supports

gazebo roofing

We were afraid that the snow weight will be a lot and cause the roof to deform, so we added support on the sides of the gazebo and a metal plate to the center to hold everything in place.

gazebo roof support

gazebo roof metal plate

Pleased with all the roof support, we hooked the roofing foil and rafters to lay out the tiles. Those rafters function as ventilation for the air to circulate bellow the tiles and to protect against molds.


Then, we started laying out the tiles.

gazebo roof tiles

gazebo roof tiles

gazebo roof tiles

After that we made the railings and finished for the year as the fall rains and cold had started.

gazebo railings

gazebo finished first part

The gazebo passed the winter test with flying colors:
gazebo in winter

This year we added seatings, a table and lights, but then, we were pleased with the result so far.