City balcony relax room concept

Friends of ours live in an apartment in the city. They asked me to design а concept for their balcony, as they wanted a relax room somewhere in the space. It had to be a place to smoke hookah and to relax from the everyday hustle.
I asked them to send me pictures of the place and the measurements, so that I can orient what I can make out of the place.

bacony measurments

balcony side 1

balcony side 2

balcony side 3

It is kind of a small space, and the only request was to have place for the various planters. The good thing is that it is already screened in, so they can use it during the winters, too.
I decidet to match the colors from their living room which is a purple room, bot ran and green hue to see how it goes. This is the resulting concept:

purple concept 2

purple concept

relax room green concept

green concept 2

And finally, take a look at some 360 views of the concepts: