20 min project – changing the flyscreen mesh

The living room’s flyscreen mesh needed changing because the dog chewed the old one. I went to our local home center and bought a new mesh – made out of aluminum. I was hoping that it will withstand the dog paws and jaws for at least the summer.

new flyscreen mesh

Then, I removed the door and took a look at how to remove the old mesh.

old flyscreen mesh

Luckily, there was only one rubber strip that was holding the flyscreen mesh and I removed it, saving it to secure the new net.

rubber strip

After that, I placed the new flyscreen mesh and started tucking it in with the rubber strip.

tucking in the rubber strip

I used screwdriver for that and it took me a while but all was done in the late evening.

tucked in rubber strip

Next, I trimmed the excess and my little project was finished.

finished door mesh

Now we can open our door without worrying about the mosquitoes or the flies.

I noticed that the aluminum flyscreen mesh was not as strong as I was hoping for, because I was able to easily peer through it with the screwdriver. At least, I hope that the dog will not play with it now, as we are letting him in more often than before. Next, I will buy a flyscreen kit for the window with hinges on and we will be all done for the summer nights.