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How to reduce your electricity bill

Here are some tips to reduce your electricity bill and thus – your overall monthly expenses. We made all those steps while renovating, and I am stunned how much our electricity bill has dropped. We were able to reduce the total bill by nearly 80%! Change the lights Everyone thinks that changing the lights won’t […]

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House cleaning the lazy way

Ok, we are lazy, or as one colleague of mine once said we are over-occupied 😉 . Never the less, we need to clean the house and do chores. No one wants to do it so we came up with a solution-slash-compromise. We automated what could be automated. The setting We have 3 cleaning robots […]

pellet fireplace

Pellets burning stove

Previous setting Our house was designed with a fireplace heating system. It heats a water container and a pump moves the heated water through the radiators. The fireplace was a normal wood burning one. Though an inexpensive and efficient way, this was not the ideal one. We needed tons of wood – 10 to 15 […]

Starry night photo shoot – shooting the milky way

We always like to shoot a clear starry night. I know everyone shoots starts and it is somewhat blunt. The same saying goes for shooting sunsets, but we like it. There is something magical, beyond this world, when looking at the milky way along with all the stars there are in the sky. Anyhow, one […]