Outdoor BBQ bar – part 1

After the successful build of the gazebo, we decided that we need a BBQ in the back-yard. So I started planning where to put it. Finally, we decided that it will be on the opposite side of the gazebo. That way the smoke of the BBQ won’t go into the people sitting in the gazebo […]

Jack Daniel’s chandelier

While doing the hallway, we decided that the lighting fixtures should be a little funky. The idea was to use empty Jack Daniel’s bottles. So, I decided to make two chandeliers on the first floor and industrial lamps along the walls of the staircase and the second floor. First, I cut the bottoms of the […]

scraching the bottle

How to cut glass bottles

Here, in Bulgaria, we have really beautiful beer bottles, and I wanted to do something with them. I started a research on how to cut glass bottles and here are my results. Spirits dipped rope You know – get a string, dip it into some kind of a spirit, preferably lighter’s gas, tie it tightly […]

old door mesh

20 min project – changing the flyscreen mesh

The living room’s flyscreen mesh needed changing because the dog chewed the old one. I went to our local home center and bought a new mesh – made out of aluminum. I was hoping that it will withstand the dog paws and jaws for at least the summer. Then, I removed the door and took […]

bunny cut out

Weekend with the scroll saw – lessons learned

For some time now, I wanted to create something with a scroll saw, but I didn’t have one. I liked a hobbyist scroll saw. Danny bought it for me as a present and last weekend I got to use it. I found a little bunny stencil to cut, (Easter is approaching, after all). I bought […]

First big DIY project – backyard gazebo part 2

Last year we made the basic structure of the backyard gazebo. This year’s plan for it was to add the seating area, the table and the lights. We started with the seats. We decided that they must not touch the ground, as, first, the wood may rot, and second, people’s toes will be in serious […]

transferring photo on wood

Photo transferring on wood – which approach is best for what?

I am not going to add a tutorial for transferring photos on wood. There are plenty of those throughout the net. Instead I will describe the little hacks I discovered while doing photo prints on my own. Oh, and my printer is photo sublimation printer, but I suppose the following will be valid for ink-jet […]

First big DIY project – backyard gazebo

Our first big DIY project – the gazebo. It all started from wanting some shade in the back yard. After a lot of internet digging of how-to’s, we finally decided on the design – as simple as possible, as we were doing it ourselves 🙂 . I made a design view for the final project: […]