First big DIY project – backyard gazebo part 2

Last year we made the basic structure of the backyard gazebo. This year’s plan for it was to add the seating area, the table and the lights. We started with the seats. We decided that they must not touch the ground, as, first, the wood may rot, and second, people’s toes will be in serious danger. So we agreed on the following setting:

backyard gazebo seats support

backyard gazebo seats support

We then got long boards for the seating area – 2 for each side, each one 5×20 cm and around a centimeter between each board. The total length of the seats is around 45 cm which is comfortable enough for smaller and bigger persons. Danny added support below the boards.

seating support leg cut

seating supports

And then put the boards on top.

backyard gazebo seats

backyard gazebo seats

As the gazebo is hexagonal we decided that the table to be in the same shape. That way, everyone has equal space between them and the table. If the table was round, the people seating in the corners would have been too far from their plates or drinks. After Danny cut the lumber he dry-fitted everything.

table dry fit

dry fit of table top

backyard gazebo table

When we were satisfied with the height of the table he screwed everything in place. We didn’t use glue, as that way we can unscrew a, for example damaged, board and screw back a new one on its place.

After that was my turn to add varnish on everything.

backyard gazebo seats varnished

backyard gazebo table varnished

We added four light fixtures and the gazebo was finally done.

finished gazebo

Now we have a space to enjoy the summer days and nights outside of the house. The new plan, for the backyard, is to add an outside bar-slash-barbeque and pathways between the facilities we make. When the weather warms I will come back with updates on those projects.